Organic Lavender Oil

$ 20.95 AUD

Considered the queen of essential oil, lavender is readily used either pure, diluted or combined with other oils for a wide variety of benefits and emotional effects.

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About this product

Benefits & Characteristics

  • Skincare – especially for sensitive, dry or acne prone skin
  • Headaches – rub a drop or two into the temples for tension or headache relief
  • Burns – the anti-inflammatory property soothes sunburn
  • Insect repellent/bites and stings – repels bugs and takes the sting away from bites. Also effective in calming the sting of a cooking oil splash (a quick fix for kitchen accidents)
  • Congestion/Asthma – anti-spasmodic (muscular contraction) and anti-inflammatory effects make lavender good for respiratory support. Suitable for children too
  • Dandruff – balancing and moisturising dandruff treatment
  • Insomnia / nervous tension – relieves stress.

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