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Waking up on the right side of bed


If you had previously read our blog about “winding down for the night” this will be the yin to it’s yang.

Routine is almost always necessary for people, given some free flowing nomads who live truly in the moment. Some people look at routine in a bad light and can sometimes feel it’s like getting stuck in a rut of eat, sleep, work, repeat. But if the routine is healthy, easy to manage and fits into your lifestyle while keeping a little bit of diversity throughout it, it can be immensely beneficial towards your health and your life.

Beginning with the a good night’s rest (hopefully after the wind down routine) you should achieve between 7-9 hrs sleep a night. This subject has been in question for a long time of how much sleep to achieve. Rather than going through it, I will link in a great talk by neuroscientist Matthew Walker PhD  he has been studying and written multiple books on sleep for over 20 years and blew my mind with what he was saying.   LINK:>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXflBZXAucQ

I tend to wake up a good amount of time before I actually have to leave for work or any engagements, usually 6am every morning (including weekends). This gives me plenty of time to fit in what I need to and fully wake the body and mind up so i’m not waddling out the door like a zombie.

The first thing I get into is my morning cocktail. No not the usual espresso martini or long island iced tea but the alcohol free type. I use 300mls of warm water, pinch of Himalayan salt, 30ml of apple cider vinegar and half of one lemon. The benefits of all 4 of these powerhouses are through the roof and almost negates the need for a coffee. Re hydrating, detoxifying, vitamin C boost, antioxidants, immune boosting, PH balancing, stimulates white blood count, flushes digestive system, provides trace minerals and replaces lost electrolytes… the list can go on.

A morning movement routine is amazing to wake up the body, 5 minutes or 45 minutes! It doesn’t really matter as long as your body is active. I chop and change depending on my body or how i’m feeling. It may be yoga, cycling, running or a morning PT session but it can simply be a brisk walk, a big stretch session, some push ups or even dance in front of the mirror while you brush your teeth, be creative.

Cold Showers.. *Brrrrrr*. After a sweaty movement session i’m jumping right in the shower. The ice droplets that rain down on your skin don’t just have a great effect of waking you up, they reduce levels of uric acid, thus de-stressing you. It cleanses and clears skin and hair follicles, improve blood circulation, immunity, testosterone, fertility and maybe most of all mental fortitude.

The old story of breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t necessarily true for everybody; if anybody. Fasting or intermittent fasting become a step in my routine about 2 months ago. At first that hunger was there to wake up and eat 4 eggs with a side of bacon but I resisted to the point where now I make it to 12pm easily. I do tend to sometimes sneak a breakfast in but usually only before a big training session where I will be needing large sums of energy at my disposal.

If there’s one thing to throw the biggest spanner in my day it’s not writing down what I need to achieve or complete throughout the day, I am a checklist guy. I truly believe that this checklist works like strong affirmations, where if i see it written down and can refer to it I will quickly get it done. From small tasks to big appointments they all make it onto the list for me to start crushing.


With your morning routine in check and a list of goals to achieve throughout the day; hopefully now you are awake and ready to tackle whatever this day puts in front of you.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” -Bobby Unser


Written by Thomas George


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