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How did The Private Sea Floatation Centre begin?

Thank Joe Rogan.

In 1985, I looked at floating but never got the opportunity before float tanks went quiet.  It was early 2014 when our son Tom was listening to Joe Rogan’s’ podcast and as a result, went and floated. He came back with that relaxed blissful and the sometimes silly looking grin on his face and told us about the experience.  Well, Lynne and I were straight on the Internet and booked our first float.  We were hooked, never before had we had an experience like it, total and uninterrupted relaxation.  We just felt damn good all over and on the drive home I noticed that my bad neck and back were loose and pain-free. But it was the next week that had the biggest impact, I felt calmer, more relaxed and less irritable.

What the hell had we just discovered for ourselves?

We floated more and more and came to the conclusion that we needed to share this with our community and the surrounding area.

Our biggest joy is watching peoples faces, body language and post-float reaction when they walk out of the tank rooms and we ask “How did you go?”  Their reactions tell us everything and continually motivate us to keep getting the float message out there.

— Tim George, owner & co-operator of The Private Sea

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