Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy in Mornington

SaltTherapy or HaloTherapy is a method of dispersing a fine saline aerosol in high concentration into a salt room or salt cave. In the Salt Room, the fine dry (pharmaceutical grade) salt will coat the skin in a fine layer and enter deep into the airways. This allows the respiratory system to fully open and clear the build-up of congestion and blockages. Salt has an incredible amount of benefits, being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and is also mucolytic (loosens mucus & phlegm). Having the Salt Room with such high saturation of salt in the air lead it to be three times cleaner than a sterile operating room.

Perfect for treating hay fever


45-minute session

Adult: $24 p/p

Kids: $20 - $15 extra per kid

Pension/ Under 17s: $20 p/p


Wellness Warrior $55.00 p/w
Unlimited use of infrared sauna, salt therapy, normatec, pandora star

Get Salty $29.00 p/w
Unlimited Salt Therapy for 2 adults & 2 kids

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