The Wellness Centre

Community Spaces

As the Peninsula prides itself on being a community-minded region with a focus on health, fitness and wellbeing, we incorporate that culture with our public open spaces; where you can come at any time.

Wellness Library

Our Library is a place of quiet self-learning and has a wide variety of books from all disciplines to choose from. We wanted to create a complementary space where anyone can walk in and sit and read or 

Open entirely to the public throughout the day, seven days a week, this is a place where you can switch off and unplug. Read, work, write or draw — the Wellness Library is a great way to start the morning, unwind on your lunch break or kick your feet up after a hard day.

Coffee &
Tea Lounge

We have created a quiet space in a unique environment for anyone to come and grab a Commonfolk Coffee on the go or to drop in and relax deeper while enjoying a range of assorted drinks and beverages, thoughtfully designed with products that compliment our services.
We offer a seasonally curated menu with only high quality, locally sourced ingredients from our surrounding community. This allows us to have the highest quality control and direct contact with our suppliers.

Grab yourself a juice, coffee, tea, smoothie, chai and more (with a twist!)

Workshop space

A place where we welcome everyone in to come further grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Having the large open space allows us to have such diverse workshops, information nights, talks, yoga, events and more.

Offering both paid and non paid services to help nourish our communities collective consciousness.

The benefits of floating

Watch the video below to hear The Private Sea's co-founder Tim,
speak about his beloved floatation tanks

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