Benefits to using NormaTec for recovery

The NormaTec leg recovery systems are one of, if not the best modality I have come across for fast recovery in the legs, hips and arms (providing the correct pieces).
Written by Tom George, from The Private Sea

NormaTec benefits

I have been using the NormaTecs for over 6 months now and have seen dramatic reduction in recovery time. Testing the boots both with endurance and strength training it does not seem to fault the way it can help you reach your maximum recovery period.

I started using them firstly just for a healthy way to look after my skinny little twigs and just loved the feeling! My legs felt purely refreshed and gave them an extra bounce in my step. I then began to train… not knowing what toll training for a marathon would take on my body, I soon realised recovery was/is going to play a massive part.

The NormaTecs use a patented Sequential Pulsing Technology that sets them apart from any other massage compression system. They have designed the product to use Pulsing, Gradient Holds and Distal Release to speed up the body’s natural recovery process. The Pulse is to flush and remove the fluids and metabolites from your muscles. The Gradient Holds prevent any backflow of fluids back into the segment once the muscles have been flushed. Distal Release will give a massive release of the holds both removing and pushing the fluids from the segment.

Tim George (Co-founder of Private Sea) using the NormTecs

Why should you consider using the NormaTec Recovery systems?

Increase of blood flow:

An increase of blood flow throughout the body has massive amounts of benefits. As the NormaTecs pulse they push large amounts of blood through the extremities and back up to the heart. This flushing motion that is constant while wearing the recovery boots helps remove toxins from the muscles and will help breakdown that lactic build that you may have accumulated post workout.
The NormaTecs are very beneficial for people in post-operation or injury rehabilitation. Allowing more blood to flow through the body will aid in the reduction of swelling and inflammation and help remove the fluid from the problemed area.

Richer Oxygen, Nutrients and Proteins in your blood:

Having the blood being pushed back up to the heart and lungs at a faster rate than normal allows more oxygen to be passed through vessels and return into the muscles. You also receive larger amounts of nutrients ie, water, glucose, amino acids. minerals and vitamins running through the blood as it is all passed through the heart. All these nutrients are essential in daily function to help give us energy, think clearer and move better.

Decrease in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and muscle fatigue:

We have all had that feeling after a big day at the gym or a big run where you are hit the the next day with the inability to walk or move due to soreness. This is commonly known as DOMS. Usually lasting anywhere from several hours to days. This can hinder peoples training or even everyday life. The NormaTec will reduce the time of recovery thus dropping the period of soreness and fatigue in the muscles.

Increased flexibility and range of motion:

Using the NormaTec on a consistent basis has been shown to improve the persons range of motion (ROM) and flexibility without using forms of stretching or mobility work.
A study was conducted in 2014 on the athlete’s ability to improve ROM and flexibility using  “peristaltic pulse dynamic compression”  (PPDC). With no prior warm up and in a controlled setting the subjects were tested in different scenarios and positions and had shown an increase in ROM by over 13% in some instances.

I do though highly recommend reaching forward for those distant toes and feeling that burn up the back of the legs alongside the assistance of the NormaTec. Stretching is a key fundamental in recovery and a healthy body.

Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Varicose Veins:

Deep vein thrombosis or DVT as it is commonly known as, is a blood clot that occurs deep in the vein; usually in the legs. The recovery boots will assist in mobilising the legs and helping fluids pass through the areas before infection can occur. Varicose veins, alongside other abnormal venous diseases such as spider veins or reticular veins occur due to bad circulation in the feet and legs. With NormaTecs ability to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow you can help reduce pain or discomfort that you may be feeling and reduce the size of the vein iself.

If you think you might have DVT, please visit your doctor for further advice. NormaTecs should not be used if DVT is already occurring.

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