Clementine Carnus

Meet Clementine, an intuitive bodyworker and all-around beautiful soul.
Clementine has studied osteopathy for 7+ years and has begun expanding her practice into a more meaningful endeavour of holistic healing. Through her own journey of spiritual growth and development, she now incorporates massage therapy, bodywork & healing, and biodynamic & craniosacral therapy which compliments her work experience from her previous field.

Clementine has started observing that so often the person’s physical ailment is caused by a disconnection to their deepest selves and unresolved emotional issues and it has always been her quest to get to the root cause of someone’s problem. She is now passionate about helping people feel more connected to themselves - to their bodies, mind, heart and spirit. And she believes that one way this can be achieved is through intentional bodywork.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs and she works with a variety of techniques allowing the body to self-heal and self regulate. No matter how long it has been, your body always remembers how to do this. It is your birthright. As well as treating people for pain relief, mechanical issues, body & pelvic alignment, she particularly enjoys treating people with headaches, pregnancy related care to provide optimal positioning of the baby, chronic pain, anxiety and trauma related issues.

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