Connecting to Tribe

We are beings of community, we love our bread, we love our butter but most of all...
Connection to ‘Tribe’ is possibly one of our oldest ancestral codings. Our hominid ancestors were incredibly connected not just to each and every person in their tribe but connected to nature, connected to the ecosystem and connected to source, god, love, all are synonymous. It was custom during hunter-gatherer times for children to be raised by the entire community, by aunts, uncles, grandparents, elders and everyone in between. This was the natural way. Connection, family, friends, community...our Tribe needs to be reestablished in this modern world. With Melbourne finding itself in a time of isolation and solitude in their homes, we need to find modern ways to connect to Tribe.

Connection to another human being is something that mustn’t go underrated, we find ourselves in a world where can seemingly be in contact with anyone or everyone we have ever met (or haven’t met for that matter) through channels such as social media, emails, phone calls etc., yet we are in a world that has been so broken and disconnected we have now reached an all-time high in loneliness, without community we don’t have connection, without connection we have a rapid decline in mental health, physical health and spiritual health. People struggle to connect to someone face to face. Eye contact is a sign of trust, of being present and of respect to your audience or company but more and more people find it hard to hold space for someone else because the awkwardness dawns and our feelings take control.
We freely speak our minds on social media yet fall into a dark cavern when the time arises outside of the digital world. Could it be we are losing the ability to connect?

Being loved is one of, if not the most powerful things a human can experience in one’s existence. Maybe loved by a partner, loved by a friend or loved by our family. Love is love and we all need to be exposed to its beauty often throughout life. The feeling of connection, true connection with someone feels like everything is aligned, synchronicities rise up out of the glorious wonder of the earth and delightfully surprise us at frequently in moments of reflection. How do we find this kind of connection? Simple. We don’t recluse into ourselves, we take leaps and risks out of our comfort zones, we actively seek with our pure self riding on the sleeves of our shirt. Be vulnerable, be open and be yourself, YOU are enough.

Our Tribe is what makes!

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