How to boost your mood in the cold

Do you feel low energy when the cold weather comes around? struggle no more with these easy tips to boost your mood in the upcoming cold weather!
The colder days are seemingly encroaching on us as we slip further into the year and further into those dreaded colder months. The fear of losing motivation and slipping into a hibernation-like state can be fully eradicated as we begin to understand that our moods follow the natural rhythms of the environment thus tending to dictate how you feel, but when you begin to implement tips, tricks and new modalities to boost your mood you can stay prepared and ready to take it on. So if you are feeling your mood starting to slumber, don’t fret! Here are some awesome tips to gain some well-earned energy.


Exercising is one of the best ways to teach the body that it needs to produce more energy, your body is a reactionary system, if it is stressed it adapts, the stress of exercising is a healthy stress on the body that allows it to adapt and grow stronger. When you exercise you tell your body this is the new norm and it will adjust accordingly.


If you aren't sleeping well you are not recovering properly, leaving you slow and lethargic the next day thus encumbering your mood. Sleep is one of, if not, the most important thing you can do for overall well being. There are many ways to improve sleep quality such as, a regular bedtime, staying hydrated, reducing screen time, night time routines and even supplementation.


Is there a better way to boost your mood then sitting around a campfire with some friends and laughing and bantering, I think not. Socialising with people is a great way to boost your mood. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ Henri de Mondeville said as he developed his own treatment based on mood elevation through laughter.


A healthy diet fuels your body with the necessary micro and macro nutrients needed to function optimally. When we eat things such as highly processed foods, high sugar and low nutrient dense meals our bodies turn it into a low quality energy leaving that feeling of slow tiredness post meal. When we feed the body high quality sources of whole foods, ethically sourced proteins and nutrient rich food the body can make energy very cleanly leaving us feeling satiated, glowing and happy.

Sauna Therapy: 

Saunas have been proven to unlock the body's potential to produce more energy in the system. This works by boosting the production of mitochondria in the cells, the body's energy transport molecule. The more heat you experience the more your heart rate increases, this ramps of circulation in the body creating energy flow more freely through the cells. The feeling of stepping out of a sauna is the feeling of a sunkissed afterglow of energy abundance.

There are many ways to boost your mood and improve energy, above are only but a few mentioned. My personal added favourites are sun/light exposure, vitamin D supplementation, hydration with electrolytes, breathwork and meditation. You may have your own tips and tricks to share with everyone! Please let us know what your favourite way to boost your mood in the colder is.

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