Ash Jeffree - Physiotherapist, Myotherapist & all round Legend.

Ash Jeffree operates Mornington Peninsula Therapies, a practice assisting people to rehabilitate injuries, get out of pain, recover from training and achieve their health goals.
Ash worked as a Myotherapist in various multi-disciplinary sports clinics and elite level sporting clubs for 7 years until she fulfilled her goal of becoming a qualified Physiotherapist. She now practices as both a myotherapist and physiotherapist, which allows her to have a more dynamic approach to helping people and the problems that often arise.

Becoming a physiotherapist was always the big goal for Ash, working diligently she achieved in 2019 but not without a detour in the way.  Always wanting to be involved with athletes and sports she was given the opportunity to work as a myotherapist alongside some incredible physiotherapists like her mentors Greg Dea, Scott Johnstone and a wide range of clients. This was a great chance to learn from the exact people she aspired to be involved with. She took the chance and ran with it, learning for the next 7 years in the field as a myo, working with professional teams such as St Kilda football club.
Whilst working as myo she began her studies for physiotherapy, having a wealth of experience from being around some of the best sports physios and athletes she had a great headstart which has shaped the practitioner she is today.

“The only limit is the one you set yourself”.
- ​​Felix Baumgartner

Ash has a truly altruistic approach to her methods, Wanting to help people to do what they love (and decrease their pain) is her entire philosophy. When people are pain free, they’re happy and happy people make a happy community. Meeting the diverse array of people from her community that come to see her feeds her motivation when they walk out the door feeling refreshed, happy and confident in their bodies.

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