How to set goals and stay motivated in 2021

Staying motivated can be hard but it doesn't have to be. With the correct approach to you can stay motivated throughout the year and achieve everything you put your mind to.
How has the year begun for you? The beginning of the year is usually synonymous with an enormous uptake in motivation and drive. Some people manage to keep the momentum progressing at a consistent flow, making the start of their year productive and effective, where others can consequently fall off the wagon and find themselves in old routines and habits very quickly. How do we best navigate the start of the year to stay motivated and driven without burning out? By understanding who we are and what it is, we actually want. Starting with a goal.

Goals, we are all very accustomed to what goals are but are we accustomed to why they are so beneficial? For me, setting a goal whether it be large or small has been instrumental in me making progress in both my personal and business lives. Creating a finish line for an idea brings it into a reality we can now comprehend, it makes it attainable, real and enticing. It's all well and good having these goals in your head but it is there where they will stay a dream or distant thought if left unattended. By creating a timeline of when to achieve the goal we encapsulate it like a womb, allowing it to gestate and gain traction before the big day comes and the goal is accomplished.

Our motivation can come from a multitude of places. To understand our motivation we have to learn to understand what drives us, understand who we really are to understand what it is we really want. This is what makes motivation stick, creating something that ties in with your lifestyle and beliefs. An example for me, I have found that my core principles are family (tribe) and health. Very simple but very powerful. When I set out on a goal I wish to achieve I layout a map of how to achieve the desired outcome and I know right away if it doesnt align with who I am or who I want to be in the future then it will not stick. If it aligns with my core beliefs then I can draw upon it constantly, whatever the goal, when it gets incredibly tough, when I have to push through the hard times I know that I am doing it for the right reasons.
Keeping it simple makes it simple.

So, as the year rolls through the months, be prepared to achieve. Set goals and conquered goals. Motivation is constant but it is not a rhythmic constant, much like the ocean the tide comes in and the tides goes out, there are days where waves flock to the shores and the swell engulfs the sky and there are days where it lay as placid as a glass lake with not a ripple on the horizon. Accept what that day brings knowing that the next will bring anew.
You have in yourself everything you already need to achieve your goals, be mindful, be consistent and you will be effective.

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