The 3 Pillars of Health & Wellness

Our focus for the next three weeks is the pillars of health & wellness, the mind, the body and the spirit.
Over the next 3 weeks, we are focusing on the basics of health and wellness, Mind, Body & Spirit. We are bringing it all the way back to rebuild our foundations and create healthy habits, motivating routines and life of wellness. Week one we will focus on the Mind, keeping our minds healthy is a crucial way to allow YOU to take control. Week two we focus on our Body, our vessel in this experience of life. We have to keep our bodies oiled regularly to create longevity and ease throughout the entire system. Week three we’ll talk Spirit, the part which has no physicality to it but is just as much a part of us the fingers on our hands and the hair on our head.

The Mind is a very malleable system, for better or worse, it easily adapts to what it experiences. If we create minor stresses in the mind (like all muscles) it will help it adapt and increase our brain’s ability to learn and adapt, the neuroplasticity. 

To keep the mind healthy we need to give it the time to work but also the time to recover. This means a space of disconnection from incoming information, a sensory switch-off like what happens in the floatation tank allows the mind to ease and relax, to digest the information and act as a sponge retaining what it had just absorbed.

The Body like the Mind has an incredible ability to adapt. We workout, we walk, we do yoga, we learn a new skill and the body adapts to what we expose it to. To keep the whole system working in unison we have to apply a holistic approach to its growth. Diet, exercise, rest and recovery are crucial in playing a part to stay healthy and happy. The body is your vehicle and life is this long winding road we follow, we need to drive the car, service the car, refill the car and not let that car sit in the garage for too long. Lets Drive!

The Spirit, the soul, something hard to put your finger on but is there nonetheless. The soul is our connection to all and the driver of our body, our car. We experience the soul throughout all days, it's our thoughts, feelings, perception and memory. To be a conscious being is to have a soul. Nourishing the soul is how we keep it healthy and in balance. Finding joy in the little things we do nourishes our soul, love and compassion nourishes our soul and self-care nourishes our soul.

Over the next three weeks, our focus is on the basics of health and wellness so we can all grow together. We hope you can find helpful information throughout these weeks and ways you can implement new habits into your routines already. Health and Wellness is our passion and we want to share our passion without community. We all need to support each other in these times of isolation and help whenever and wherever we can. Support your local stores, call your family and friends and tell them you love them, take time for yourself and care for your community.

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