Sinéad Travis - A gifted healer, helper and friend

​Sinéad Travis operates The Glow Factor at The Private Sea, a practice that helps people to move forward with confidence clarity and true direction to quickly feel much better through Spiritual Counselling and emotional healing modalities. She brings an incredible amount of knowledge, kindness and laughter to our team.
Sinéad is a Spiritual Counsellor and Emotional Healer. Her modalities include Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing ( emotional healing) and Concomitant Healing (physical healing).

Sinéad’s passion and purpose is to help people overcome the difficulties in their lives by understanding themselves and their origins.

She has a BA in Communications (Organisational Communication) & Diploma in Spiritual Counselling , Diploma in Neuropyschology , an Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. and am fully trained and accredited in Hahnemann and Concomitant Healing via the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning.

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Beginning in a very successful role in the corporate world, she began to transition into a more fulfilling career as she realised the corporate life could not satiate her hunger for growth. Seeking change she began the search for the next fulfilling role, one that encompassed her passion to help bring about effective positive change to people's lives.

Sinéad’s search eventually led her to spiritual counselling, through the process of learning and practicing as a counsellor she quickly became aware, she herself, was living a life with values and expectations set by others, her parents, friends and influencers, rather than finding her own way, and her own path to get it. This brought about immense change in her approach to her own life thus eventuating into the incredible healer she is today.

With a successful search, she realised a deep need to help others to also find their why and their way forward, but more importantly, the roots and why they had not done that before.

Now having long term experience in the field she has a passion to help people overcome the difficulties in their lives, this allows them to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the origins of their difficulties through healing and or spiritual counselling.

Sinéad is incredibly proud to be able to offer people ways to heal both emotionally and physically and give them the opportunity to live lives of harmony and fulfilment.

“We are all meant to face the difficulties of our lives and find a way to thrive, not just survive.” Credit Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning

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