The magic of The Pandora Star

Pandora Star, Deep Trance Light Meditation. For the brainwave enthusiasts, consciousness seekers, spiritual retreaters and the curious. Our Pandora Star meditation unit uses white LED lights to bring about a deeply relaxing but extremely visual journey of colour and imagery for up to four people.
If you are yet to experience the wonders of the Pandora Star Light Therapy it’ll be truly difficult to imagine the vast array of deepened colours, swirls, whirls and shapes it can produce behind your closed eyes. The Pandora Star, also known as deep trance light therapy or light-induced meditation is your guide to exploring your mind's potential. The Pandora Star will take you anywhere from a revitalising and energising 15-minute program or onwards of an hour where the body lays in complete relaxation and ease.

The Pandora Star works by altering your brainwaves or states we find ourselves in throughout the day, it achieves this by a process called brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is the action of stimulating the brain through repetitive pulsing of light, sound or electromagnetic field. Whilst exposed to these pulses, it elicits your brains ‘frequency following’ response, encouraging your brainwaves to align with the frequency of the given beat. Think of it as a mimicking response, when we watch the flickering of a fire on a winters day, hear a drum beat where the body follows the bellows of the leather or get entranced by the deepened humming of a didgeridoo, all of these pulsing, repetitive actions lead to changing your states of mind, brainwave states.
Our brainwaves are little electrical signals of neurons communicating and reacting to our  thoughts, emotions and behaviours. A great analogy for our brainwaves is to think of them as musical notes, constantly harmonizing between the deep, slow functional beats of low frequency while the fast more subtle frequency creates perfect harmony. 

Throughout any time of the day we find ourselves fluctuating through multiple brainwave states. Each state having a purpose or a cause and effect. We have 5 potential states we can find ourselves in. Throughout the day we alter our minds by what we are experiencing, generally speaking active intelligence is around 13 Hz, meaning we tend to find ourselves in Beta state most the day. The amazing benefit of the Pandora Star is that it can bring unison to the brainwaves and stimulate specific brainwave states, through this process entrainment or frequency following response. The Light has 12 LEDs in the form of a geometric star, nine white LED lights and three warm white LED lights. When we program the Pandora Star we choose the setting you desire, maybe you want to get to states of creativity and thought provoking such as Alpha state or find yourself in the deeply relaxed states of Delta. We can tailor make the experience for you and the beautiful thing is, that experience is only for you. Whilst under the lights you lay with your eyes closed and headphones on. The Star begins to flash creating sunsetting streaks or solid colours behind the eyes, each colour or shape you see is fabricated by your mind, by your visual cortex so no experience is the same as the mind will alter what it is you are seeing every time depending on a multitude of factors.

The Pandora Star enters your visual cortex through the closed eyes where it is interpreted and dispersed into colour, the light stimulates the brains primary glands in the brain, the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. These 3 major glands are incredibly important in the role of creating hormones for your body. The pituitary gland influences nearly every part of the body and is responsible for regulating growth, blood pressure and reproduction. The hypothalamus plays a large role in regulating the bodies temperature and bringing the body back to homeostasis and the pineal gland, also very well known as the third eye, placed dead in the centre of the forehead between the eyes, the pineal gland is responsible for creating melatonin and trace amounts of dimethyltryptamine. Melatonin is the hormone the regulates our sleep, it plays a big role in maintaining our circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or the spirit molecule).

Sorry, this has been a little dense, thank you for reading this far along but! If you have! I continue with saying that this machine is incredible beautiful to experience, flowing through our different states of mind can cause confusion and disparity in the brain but the Star brings everything back into alignment with an immense calmness and ease. A truly great experience for the brainwave enthusiasts, consciousness seekers, spiritual retreaters and the curious.

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