Feeling and Healing in the Infrared Sauna

A little dense but well worth the read if you are interested in what is happening in your body to make feel and heal in the Infrared Sauna.
Upon leaving my infrared (IR) sauna session each time I wonder why it was so long between sessions, it may have been a week or maybe two, maybe even a few months had escaped me. But comparatively, how I feel when I leave the sauna session to what it was like when I went is unfathomable change. Change in my minds clarity, my bodies physicality, and a complete revitalisation of my Self. What is it that makes us feel so incredibly relaxed yet energised? A lot happens to our bodies when we enter a full spectrum infrared sauna similar to the one at The Private Sea, from high levels of deep detoxification of fat cells and organs to increasing your bodies immune response, let’s delve deeper into the Infrared Sauna.
Emily testing out our full spectrum Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum:
The heat emitted from the IR sauna is full-spectrum meaning it emits the 3 levels of near-IR, (NIR) mid-IR (MIR) and far-IR (FIR). Each wavelength of IR includes its own characteristics.
NIR emits little to no heat, it is commonly found on things such as tv remotes when changing the channel. NIR penetrates the skin and cell membranes of the body deeper. NIR is commonly used in reducing lesions and rashes from chronic skin conditions, reduces signs of aging by improving the skin quality, increasing natural collagen levels and reducing toxins, it also has gained widespread attention for it's anti-inflammatory benefits. When your system is inflamed or chronically inflamed you can experience pain and discomfort in joints, the gut, headaches you name it, reducing systemic inflammation with NIR is a proven natural way to reduce pain.
MIR in combination with FIR raises the bodies core temperature promoting a false fever state, emulating a cold or flu thus provoking an immune and endocrine response to bolster the immune system. MIR and FIR are responsible for creating an increase in heart rate, thus triggering the veins to widen and expand (vasodilation) which creates more circulation in the body thus flushing the lymphatic system, faster recovery to soft tissue and improving the cardiovascular system.

The light spectrum

Heat Shock Proteins:
Heat shock proteins (HSP) are created in high levels of induced physiological stress ie; heat therapy, cold therapy, UV exposure or wound and tissue healing. They can also be produced under situations of environmental stress like exposure to toxins like arsenic, trace metals and ethanol. The production of healthy proteins is crucial to the remodelling of damaged cells which can later lead to severe health problems. When a cell is building protein out of amino acids it folds the protein into its correct structure determining its later function in the body. If a cell is not functioning properly due to oxidative stress, disease or aging it can misfold proteins (protein aggregation) which will have a negative effect on cell function and can be correlated with disease production, when HSP are introduced they don’t just allow the proper folding of proteins preventing aggregation but they will clear out the already misfolded proteins potentially minimising the risk of disease and potentially death.

How an unfolded protein looks comparatively to its folded counterpart

Endorphin Production:
The natural pain killer. The killer of pain! That kind of sounds cool to say… Endorphin derives from the two words endogenous (internal production) and morphine (pain medication of the opiate family) so endorphin meaning internally produced painkiller. If you have sauna’d before then you most likely have felt either minimal or incredible amounts of pain relief post-session. We can thank this little chemical. Endorphins are triggered rather easily from the pituitary gland, one of the main produces of hormones in our brains, alongside the pineal gland and hypothalamus. Low levels of endorphins can be produced from an enjoyable song, some good chocolate or great sex but when exposed to heat (stress) our brains react to mitigate the stress and increase the production of endorphins into the system thus reducing chronic and systemic pain.

A full spectrum infrared sauna should now be a part of your wellness routine, the benefits of hypothermic conditioning (exposure to heat) have been proven in multiple studies over the world and continue to show incredible evidence into using sauna therapy. Heat therapy has been used in many ancient cultures throughout history, the Aztecs using temazcal sweat lodges, the Native Americans in their hot rock sweat chambers, the Finnish earth pit dating back over 2000 years ago. If infrared sauna is the key to longevity and abundance in life, then sweating is the door that it opens it.

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