What is holistic health & why is it important?

A holistic approach to health and wellness is not just finding the discomfort but digging deeper and understanding why, how & when it all started in the first place.
When an engineer is developing a new piece of machinery or equipment they are thorough in all aspects of the design. They consider big burly pieces of metal for the construction and the tiny yet entirely important nuts, bolts and screws that bind it together, they consider the cogs that turn the wheels, they factor in usage, environment, internal and external influences and how it would react real-time in the world, they look at the design from all angles making sure that it will perform perfectly with everything firing optimally as planned from the design. This approach should be synonymous with our approach to our own bodies and our health. If you find yourself a little rusty, a little slow and worn down and in need of a service, take a broader look at the root cause of the malfunction. Whether it be the large parts or the small ones, everything becomes relevant in the approach to holistic health & wellness. A holistic approach to health is not just finding the rust on the external and cutting it out but understanding why, how & when it all started in the first place.

There is wealth in diversity. When we diversify we flourish, diversity in thoughts, exercise, diet, healing modalities, conversations, friendships, entertainment and more; Diversity is simply another way to look at holistic health. Taking one road and splitting it into multiple avenues. Let’s take exercise as an example, if we have two athletes A and B. Athlete A is physically gifted and trains hard but tends to stay in one lane, physical training and growth. Athlete B is not as naturally gifted but finds the edge in diversifying their approach. Athlete B trains hard but uses recovery protocols to heal faster and train more often, seeks advice from professionals and peers to become more knowledgeable in the field, reduces stress in everyday life by having a healthy mindfulness routine, understands what foods allow them to perform better and feel their best and in turn now knows their self much more in depth. Who do you think would have an advantage in this scenario?

Holistic health is an understanding of oneself in entirety. The physical self, the emotional self and the spiritual self are all connected through you, when one falters all become affected. Maybe your emotional self is incredibly stressed from work or life, this may cause physical discomfort and tension in the body, likewise with the spiritual self. These three pillars of YOU (the physical, emotional & spiritual self) are always in communication with one another and always in communication with you, to understand ourselves better we just have to sit and listen to the message that is being conveyed.

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