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Salt Therapy for Hayfever


Salt Therapy for Hay Fever and Allergies

That cold, wet Winter has finally past and already we are given some of the most beautiful Spring days. Sun shining, warmth soothing, birds migrating and flowers blossoming…
But, as the flowers begin to blossom the air begins to fill with pollen and all of us hayfever sufferers prepare for what is to come.

Mornings of itchy eyes, running noses and uncontrollable sneezing fits are what 4.5million Australians endure every hayfever season. You may be one of them or may know of someone who gets hit hard every season with it. 

Is there a way to relieve symptoms more effectively? Sure, have you tried Salt Therapy?

How Salt Therapy Helps:

Well, first we have to understand what hayfever is before we can beat it. Allergic rhinitis, the medical term for hayfever (from the ancient Greek rhino, for nose) meaning inflammation of the mucous membrane in the sinus. Hayfever is caused by the inhalation of pollens, dust or other small fibres particles in the air where the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose become inflamed, causing an allergic reaction which triggers the body’s cells to release histamines, which result in heavy inflammation thus causes capillaries to dilate, leading to the runny symptoms and that intense, almost needling itch.

Salt Therapy works on multiple levels giving relief from allergic reactions. Introducing a fine salt aerosol into the Salt Room allows

it to flow deep through the sinus and into the respiratory system. Salt holds anti-inflammatory benefits as it is naturally an antihistamine. This reduces a lot of irritation caused by hayfever or allergic reactions, giving ease to breathe clearly again. Too many times have I found certain antihistamine tablets to not work or only give minor relief due to it having to work through the body before it gets to the inflamed area. The Salt Room gets the Salt directly where it needs to be, right in the airways for it to begin working instantaneously and reducing inflammation. Allowing the Salt to pass through the respiratory system seamlessly aids as what is called a ‘bronchiole brush’, clearing out the airways of foreign particles, kind of sweeping up the dust and binning it. The salt brush helps break up mucus build up caused by inflammation, helping clear congestion in the sinus and airways. 

Living in Melbourne, we are all very well aware of the constant weather changes happening and the sudden fluctuations in wind. The hayfever season is just about to begin so it pays to be as prepared as possible before it sets in for the next 12 weeks.
If having a prevention plan in place is something that interests you be sure to enquire about the Salt Therapy Hayfever Package available now at The Private Sea Wellness Centre.

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