Becoming a Member at The Private Sea

Becoming a member of The Private Sea doesn't just mean access to some of the best services in relaxation & recovery but it means becoming a part of a fast-growing community devoted to self-betterment, growth, connection and all things health & wellness.
At The Private Sea, we have three incredible memberships to choose from, each having their own unique perks & benefits. We are always working to create the best experience from arrival to departure and these memberships are a great way to delve into the amazing healing benefits of what it is we have to offer.

The Float Guru:

Become a floating guru. If floatation therapy is your service of choice then this membership will take you to where you want to be. Take on a monthly float to create habit and routine in your floating journey. Consistency is the key when it comes to a practice and floating on a regular basis helps deepen states of relaxation, ease muscle tension and clear the mind in incredible ways.

Includes each month:
One Hour Floatation Therapy session (additional floats cost $55.00)
One Infrared Sauna/ Salt Therapy/ Normatec Recovery or Pandora Star Light Therapy

Price: $59.00 p/m
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The Wellness Warrior:
A Wellness Warrior embodies every aspect of healthy living. This membership will guide you in improving and growing in all facets of your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self. Perfect for the person who needs to recover fast or heal overtime, we guarantee you this membership will bring immense change to your life if used to its full potential.

Includes each week:

Unlimited Infrared Sauna Therapy
Unlimited Salt Room Therapy
Unlimited Normatec Sports Recovery

Unlimited Pandora Star Light Therapy

Price: $55.00 p/w
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Get Salty:
Time to Get Salty in our Halomed Salt Therapy room. Salt Therapy is used to remove congestion, blockages and build up in the respiratory system. The pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride we use in our centre has natural antibacterial, antihistamine and antimicrobial properties which are great for immune support and to aid in the fight against incoming viruses and pathogens. A great modality for everyone from babies to the elderly.

Includes each week:
Unlimited Salt Room Therapy (1 adult + 2 kids)

(additional patrons $15)

Price $29.00 p/w
Purchase Here

All things are contagious, love, fear, happiness, smiles, yawns and of course change. Change creates a ripple from your world to someone elses. Make your choices, make your change, one to help yourselves and in turn help those around you.

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