A Luxurious Escape at The Private Sea

A day for you and your partner, a day for you and your friends and a day for complete relaxation and indulgence.
Embark on a 4.5-hour journey of pure relaxation leaving you feeling weightless, nourished and full-hearted. The Private Sea Wellness Retreat package is a full-bodied experience to help you reduce stress, find calm, spend time with loved ones and ultimately live a happier healthier life.

The Private Sea Wellness Retreat has been curated to embody the true essence of health & wellness. Combining a culmination of incredible services such as floatation therapy, salt therapy, infrared sauna, guided light meditation and now the inclusion of your very own private Lounge for you and your party to refresh and refill throughout the course of the day.
We have made retreating at The Private Sea an experience, a luxurious escape from life’s ever-demanding stresses. As each hour passes over the course of the retreat you will notice that as your stress dissipates, feelings of immense tranquillity and ease wash over you, opening new depths of relaxation. By the final hour your body will exude relaxation, your mind met with a newfound calm and you will have, with ease, eliminated all unnecessary stress, tension and worry down a distant stream.

The Wellness Retreat Includes:

Upon Arrival   
  • A personal Wellness Liaison for your day
  • Entry into the Lounge
  • A gift pack to compliment the day of relaxation 
The Day      
  • One-hour Floatation session
  • 45-minute Salt Therapy session
  • 45-minute Infrared Sauna session
  • 30-minute Light Meditation session
  • 45-minute lunch break in the Lounge
The Lounge    
  • Private Room for your party
  • Grazing platter full of locally sourced treats
  • Bottle of Mumm champagne 
  • Commonfolk coffee blend
  • Rotation of aromatic teas

If you’re looking for a special day with friends and loved ones or just need some time away, retreating at The Private Sea is the luxurious way to do so. Leave your worries at the door for a few hours and be immersed in total relaxation and long-lasting tranquillity.

For all enquiries call us on (03) 5975-4030 or email us at enquiries@theprivatesea.com.au

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